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+ 11 December 2013, Mudslinger (w/ Destructicons) review added

Nothing new in the last 3 months

Huffer (w/ Caliburst) - Leadfoot (w/ Pinpoint) - Searchlight (w/ Backwind) - Steelshot (w/ Beacon)
Double Clutch (w/ Rallybots) - Grimstone (w/ Dinobots) - Skyburst (w/ Aerialbots) - Stakeout (w/ Protectobots)
Darkstream (w/ Razorbeam)
- Icepick (w/ Chainclaw) - Sledge (w/ Throttler) - Smolder (w/ Chopster) - Windburn (w/ Darkray)
Bombshock (w/ Combaticons) - Crankcase (w/ Destrons)
- Mudslinger (w/ Destructicons) - Steamhammer (w/ Constructicons)


Heavytread (w/ Groundspike) - Salvage (w/ Bomb Burst)
Over-Run (w/ Stunticons)

Skyhammer (w/ Airlift) - Undertow (w/ Waterlog)

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