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Name: Vehicon
Series: TF Prime
Allegiance: Decepticon
Alternate Mode: Jet

Height: 2cm Length: 7.5cm Width: 8cm

   A white plane with black windshield and some fluorescent red details painted on the sides, Vehicon's fuselage is vaguely car-like although the wings aren't. He has swept forward wings & prominent rear winglets which also sweep forward. There's a small purple Decepticon logo stamped on the left side just next to the window. He's a rather arbitrary repaint of this Vehicon - both toys represent clones, so you can army build depending on your colour preference, I guess.

   While the fuselage is a somewhat boxy car-like shape, the wings & fins are very angular. There's a fairly low level of sculpted detail but then he's trying to be aerodynamic so I can forgive that. There are no wheels underneath - Vehicon simply sits flat on the table. Aside from plugging the red gun onto either wing, there's no play value here.

   While this vehicle mode is kinda bland, it's still well designed. The Vehicons in the show are black - the white makes even less sense than purple & while this colour scheme works well enough the purple is more dynamic. I guess kid gives you army building options (including the car Vehicon Legions toy which is actually black).


   Remove & set aside the weapon, if attached. Lift up the cabin & flip over; it'll take the wings with it. Fold up the wings, pull out the sides to form the arms. Split the front forming the legs & flip out the feet. Stand & place the weapon in either hand.

Height: 8cm Width: 4.5cm

   A white robot with gunmetal upper arms, thighs & knees, Vehicon has gunmetal on his chest while there's some more of that fluorescent red on the outsides of his chest. His head is also gunmetal with a red eyestrip. His head is a very angular affair with the above mentioned eyestrip; it's a "V" shape thanks to an angle in the middle. There's a tiny purple Decepticon logo stamped on his chest. It's hard to tell if the red eyestrip is a different shade (budget realities mean it's probably not) and the purple allegiance symbol is difficult to pick out but this is a good colour scheme, even if it doesn't rally make sense.

   The body shape & sculpted details are well done; while the wings are folded up on his back there's winglets on top of the arms & knee spines - both worn well visually and carry the general aesthetic of the vehicle mode over. His arms are a tad longer than they should be but not long enough that I'd call it a flaw.

   There's not a lot of play value of course; there never is at this size. The hips and shoulders are ball jointed giving him some poseability while the ankles are hinged but only forward (purely for the transformation). The backpack - which is the wings folded up unobtrusively - keeps him from keeling forward on the ankle hinges. The gun can be held in either hand.

   A great robot mode that only lacks knee joints. Visually he works very well, the colours work quite well although the Decepticon symbol isn't well executed. The sculpt is good while the jointing gives him enough poseability at this size, even if knee joints would allow for dynamic poses.


   None that I'm aware of. As mentioned, he's a repaint of the original Jet Vehicon.


   A good Legions toy with a well executed vehicle mode and an excellent robot mode. The primary colour choice counts against him and the robot mode paint job is inferior to the original version so I'd only really recommend this version for army building purposes. But hey it's an inexpensive toy, at least - and if for some reason the purple version isn't accessible for you the mould is worthwhile. The lack of knee joints & badly painted chest are the only flaws on what is still a very good toy in its own right - 7.5/10

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