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The usual ramble.

   I've listed all Microman toys I own or have on order, including Transformers crossovers. I'm not going to even try and claim to be a Microman expert, but want to give my opinion on the toys I do have.

Recent updates:

+ 10 December 2005, ML-10 Material Force Microlady Light Blue Aire review added

denotes December additions

Original Microman 1975

M111 Bobson

New Microman 2004

ML1-01 Commanderlady Diane
MF4-06 Stealth/Camo
MF2-03 Divemaster Roberto
BM-01 Bio Machine Mirror (with Microman Xeku)
BM-02 Bio Machine Stinger (with Microman Godoh)
BM-03 Bio Machine Tiger (with Microman Hack)
BM-04 Bio Machine Kong (with Microman Trinity)
AL-12 AcroDita
AL-21 AcroElsa
AL-22 AcroPlana
AX-13 AcroVoltech
AX-14 AcroBiom

New Microman 2005

MGM-01 Achilles
MGM-02 Theseus
MGM-03 Icarus
MGA-01 Phobos
MGA-02 Atlas
MGA-03 Metis
RS-02 RidePython (with Microman Ryu)
AEX-02 AcroGrabs
AF-01 Falcon (TRU 2 pack exclusive)
ALV-01 AcroManon (TRU 2 pack exclusive)
ML-10 Material Force Microlady Light Blue Aire

Transformers Crossovers

SC-14 Kicker
TF68 Ga'mede (as part of Magnificus review)

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