Sydney Meet 9 February 2008

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Myself, gamblor, Lord_Zed, GoktimusPrime, Tiby and kup decided to attend a meet while Roller was back in Sydney after having recently moved to Perth. The day started out quietly. Gamblor left before the real fun began... Roller let loose with his Optimus Prime Voice Changing Helmet on an unsuspecting Sydney public.

GoktimusPrime, Tiby & Lord_Zed, after lunch

Roller gets in the act. Naturally, he sticks a straw up both of his nostrils first

Roller brought some toys for kup and myself. Luckily, he didn't try putting these up his nose

Tiby & Lord_Zed peruse some TF artwork

Blaster shows just how strong he is

But Bumblebee refuses to be outshone!

After lunch, Roller decided to don his helmet

There's an evil grin under there, I'm sure

Goktimus' favourite shot

It's not a bird, nor a plane... but the Monorail!

Lord_Zed, Roller and Tiby engrossed in conversation

Roller actually had the voice changer turned on most of the afternoon

I think Roller just may have seen my camera!

This can only end badly...

"Weeee!" sounds really weird through the voice changer

Suddenly roller realises just how dirty the slide actually is

"I think I might go for a walk..."

"Now, for a place to sit"

"This looks like a good place to read the paper"

Note everyone leaves...

No, I don't want to know either

Roller decides this is the perfect time to crash a convention

He's the only one who feels this way

Roller decides to try and sell his paper

He's on his own...

"íNo habla Ingles!"

"I don't care for the paper, but I have to show the guys back home!"

It worked so well only half an hour earlier

Roller decides to try his luck with the ladies

"Was it my breath?"

Roller decides to catch a rickshaw

He's not having much luck. Yes, the rickshaw rider actually refused him

Karate in the centre of the intersection. Where else?

Finally, has some luck

"Don't fight, girls, you can _all_ have me!"


Optimus Prime has never seen so much action

Check out how happy the girl in the black is!

Which one is the freak?

"Aw Jazz..."

"...maybe the man upstairs can help!" (he didn't - Jazz is still an Actionmaster)

"This hoodie will offer a brilliant disguise!"

"And, I can impersonate a woman!"

I don't think you want to know what that book under his jacket is

"Does this place sell Transformers I wonder"

Lord_Zed's dioramas are always good value

The Ewoks saw to this one

Another Lord_Zed special

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