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Full of Energon

   Note: This is essentially back story for the tech specs I've written for Energon Ultra Magnus and his legion of Minicons, and also borrows from my Micromaster Tech Specs for Eagle Eye, Sky High and Fixit.


Optimus Prime stuck his head into the repair bay, “How is he?”

“Well… he’s alive,” was the somewhat sombre reply from the baby blue medic standing next to the shoulder of his patient.

“We’ve got him hooked up to life support, Prime, but I’m not confident that we’re going to be able to take him off anytime soon,” Fixit expanded on Eagle Eye’s scant description.

“We need him alive… and off life support. Ultra Magnus is too valuable to us to be stuck in suspended animation in this repair bay,” Optimus Prime replied.

“Well, if I unplug him, he’ll be dead within a couple of minutes Prime. I’d love to patch him up, but his spark is fading,” Fixit snapped back, with frustration clearly evident in his voice. Eagle Eye glanced at what was left of Ultra Magnus’ head, then up at the Autobot commander, who had entered the repair bay now, and was towering over the two Micromasters attending to Ultra Magnus.

“The damage to his body is actually fairly superficial… well, aside from the head, obviously,” Eagle Eye waved a hand to the hole that was once Ultra Magnus’ face, “but the fact is his spark seems to be… damaged… weakened. Unless we can work out a way to stabilise his spark, he’s going to be stuck here, Optimus.”

Optimus Prime grimaced behind his mouthplate, then bowed his head slightly, then appealed to the Micromasters, “Well then, we’ll find a way. Ultra Magnus is not just a great battlefield commander, he’s my friend. I don’t want to lose my friend, and there are a lot of Autobots feel the same way. For my sake, for morale’s sake, find a way.”

Fixit’s temper started to get the better of him, “Sure, we’ll just pray to Primus and everyt-”

Eagle Eye interjected, all too aware of Fixit’s terrible bedside manner, “We’ll do what we can, Prime. We can’t promise anything, but we’ll do what we can.”

Optimus Prime knelt down beside the table on which Ultra Magnus lay and placed a hand on Eagle Eye’s shoulder - effectively grabbing hold of the much smaller Autobot, who looked up into his commander’s face.

“Do whatever you have to, Eagle Eye,” Optimus Prime turned his head towards Fixit who was at the far end of the table, near Ultra Magnus’ feet, but continued to address the Micromaster he was touching, “Whatever you need, Eagle Eye, just ask.”

Fixit chimed in, “Some good ideas would help.. I mean, we’re out of ideas.”

Fixit was a little more conciliatory now, appreciating that Optimus Prime was treating the Micromasters as equals.

“I’ll bring Sky High in on this, maybe he can think of something we haven’t,” Eagle Eye offered, with an ulterior motive that both Fixit and Optimus Prime detected immediately. Eagle Eye’s brother was a follower, not a leader, and wasn’t renown for his initiative.

Despite knowing that Sky High was unlikely come up with anything, Optimus Prime agreed, “I’ll bring him in off patrol, he’ll cheer you up, if nothing else, and keep your mind on the job,” Optimus Prime alluded to the real reason for Sky High’s inclusion.

“Yeah, maybe he can liven the place up a little,” Eagle Eye smiled.

“I better head off, there’s some recon patrols coming in soon, I have to be there,” Optimus Prime said, his tone implying that he didn’t really want to be there. He headed off, anyway, and left the two Micromasters to ponder the task ahead of them.


Knock Out and Payload heard a knock on the door of their quarters - the pagers were disabled since it was 4am and most of the residents of the Micromaster wing of the ark were resting. Knock Out got up from his Playstation and threw a sarcastic quip at his roommate, “Don’t worry, I’ll get it.”

Payload was too busy engrossed in his usual pastime - internet gambling - to respond. Knock Out wasn’t even sure if Payload had even heard the door knocking, and he knew perfectly well that even if Payload did hear, he wasn’t likely to pay attention.

Knock Out opened the door, which slid away to reveal Eagle Eye standing in the dimly lit corridor, looking more serious that usual, with his brother Sky High in the shadows at the other side of the corridor.

“Hi,” said Eagle Eye nervously.

“How’s things?” replied Knock Out, wondering why he was getting a visit by half the Air Patrol.

Eagle Eye ignored the rhetorical question and summed up enough courage to get the point of his calling, “Can… can we come in?”

Knock Out motioned, and the two blue and white Micromasters walked in, Sky High stood near the door while his brother sat in the chair that Knock Out had been occupying before being interrupted. Payload seemed to ignore them both, instead choosing that moment to blame the internet for his losses, with rather colourful language.

Eagle Eye cast a nervous glance at the grey Micromaster, then back at his host, “Anyway, Knock Out, we have a… proposition… for you… well, for you and the rest of the Space Patrol.”

“But mainly you,” Sky High added, correcting his increasingly nervous brother.

Knock Out glanced from brother to brother, leaned against the door, and when nothing further was offered, held out his hands as if to say, “well, hurry up then!”

Eagle Eye looked at his brother, paused, then looked back to the Space Patrol leader, “OK. I’m assuming you know that Ultra Magnus is in a bad way. Well, we have to fix him. But his spark isn’t stable. We can’t take him off life support. Fixit and I think we’ve figured out a way to stabilise his spark. And we need your help.”

Knock Out nodded, “OK, why me?”

“Because, like Ultra Magnus, you’re the consummate soldier, you’re calm in battle, you’re a great leader - you’re like sparks in a stasis pod.”

“Does this involve me in any way?” Payload proved that he was in fact paying attention, “Do I have to do anything? I don’t want to sound like I don’t care or anything, but do I need to be paying attention?”

“Well, yes, it does, actually,” Eagle Eye responded, “You, and Astroscope and Skyblast, are part of the plan.”

“Oh, good, at least you have a plan,” quipped Payload.

“Shut up,” growled Knock Out, “Go on, Eagle Eye.”

“OK, well the big question is this: are you willing to change yourself drastically to save Ultra Magnus’ life?”


Knock Out knocked on the door of the repair bay, with the rest of the Space Patrol in tow. Without a word from inside, the door opened and First Aid beckoned the Micromasters in, “Hi guys, I’m glad you’re here. Are you all ready to go?”

“Strap me in, doc,” was the instant reply from Knock Out.

Payload looked at the body First Aid was working on, which looked familiar, yet wasn’t that of an Autobot he instantly recognised, “Is that-“

“Yup, That’s Magnus,” interrupted First Aid, misinterpreting what the Micromaster was about to say, but answering his question anyway.

Standing aside from the table that held Ultra Magnus were Fixit and Eagle Eye, who had dragged four Micromaster sized tables out. Fixit was sitting on one, looking almost bored, Eagle Eye was standing, but was calmer than he had been the previous night.

“Alright, I suppose you’re gunna want me on one of them slab things,” Astroscope said, without really asking. He lay down on the table closest to Ultra Magnus, but Eagle Eye objected,

“No, not there. Knock Out’s on this table. You’re on the next one.”

“Good to see ya got this all sorted,” replied the grey and blue Autobot as he crawled from one table to the next without climbing down.

Fixit got of the next table and began to clamp Astroscope down, and beckoned to Skyblast,

“You’re next to him,” the white medic slapped his hand on the third table. Skyblast didn’t react, instead he blankly stared, much to the chagrin of his leader,

“Go on, this is our chance to really help Ultra Magnus,” Knock Out actually pushed Skyblast, who shrugged and headed towards the table that Fixit had been sitting on.

Payload was still standing near the open door, and clearly looked like he wanted to be somewhere else. While Skyblast was suffering from his usual lack of motivation, Payload’s motivation was to walk out and sit down to online poker. Accepting his fate, he headed for the remaining table and Eagle Eye got to work securing him for the modifications.

“OK, Guys, thanks for doing this, really. It’s great that you decided to help out,” First Aid said, over Ultra Magnus’ prostrate body, to the four Micromasters now pinned down onto their operating tables. His enthusiasm wasn’t shared by all of his subjects, only Knock Out and Astroscope looked happy to be there. Payload looked annoyed and Skyblast looked like he was about to go into stasis lock.

“OK, guys, let’s get to it,” Fixit gave the signal, and his fellow medics set to work on the Micromasters.


“So is it a success, Optimus?”

“I don’t know, Springer. Eagle Eye told me they’d be finishing up about now, so I’m going to go down and find out.”

The green Autobot followed as his commander continued on his way past the control room, evidently going to visit the repair bay, also, “Then let’s find out, Prime.”

Optimus Prime laughed, ken to distract himself from the possible bad news he was about to be given, “Alright, Springer, you can come.”

As the two Autobots walked towards the repair bay, they found the door open, and glanced at each other, walking in at a slightly quicker pace. Three of the four members of the Space Patrol were sitting on some semi-arranged Micromaster operating tables, while Fixit, First Aid and Eagle Eye were busily working on Ultra Magnus.

“Gee, Magnus sure looks different, First Aid,” Springer noted, as much to the Micromaster medics as to the Protectobot he directly addressed.

“Well, we had to reconfigure some things, and rebuild other parts, so we decided to overhaul the rest so he’d er… match,” came Eagle Eye’s voice from behind Ultra Magnus’ head.

Optimus Prime looked down at Astroscope, Skyblast and Payload quizzically, “I see you’ve got moral support, but Sky High’s not here.”

“Oh, no, we’re part of the deal, Prime. There’s no Batteries Not Included here,” Astroscope spoke with his usual flair, “We’re Magnus’ new muscle!”

“Finished!” First Aid proclaimed, as he looked over to his colleagues, “How are you two coming along?”

“Just got some panelling to set in place. A few more minutes,” Eagle Eye replied.

Optimus Prime and Springer were given little choice then, but to wait for the medics to finish their work. The three Micromasters had begun to play a game of cards, and Payload had a pile of Energon chips larger than the other two had combined, which elicited a chuckle from Springer.

Soon enough, Fixit and Eagle Eye were finished, the former alerting everyone present, “Well, here goes,” Fixit gingerly removed the lift support from Ultra Magnus.

Slowly, Ultra Magnus sat up, looking first at Springer, then up toward Optimus Prime, then down to the card-playing Micromasters and then around to the medics on either side of him. Optimus Prime and Springer both visibly reacted to the appearance of Knock Out within ultra Magnus’ chest.

Springer broke the ice, “How are you feeling, Magnus?”

“A little… strange. There’s something different. Someone different. I’ve… I’ve merged, haven’t I?” The blue, white and red Autobot looked over towards First Aid, who answered his question.

“Well, yes. We had to stabilise your spark,” the medic looked over towards Optimus Prime, “and we realised it needed some help. So Knock Out’s housing your spark, and his spark is stabilising yours. You’re not binary bonded.”

Optimus Prime nodded, and appeared to smile, as much as he could through his mouthplate, “So where do the other Space Patrol members fit in?”

“Well, rather than split us up, Fixit decided to make us Targetmasters, of sorts. Skyblast now doubles as a shoulder laser, I’m moonlighting as a missile launcher and Payload is a club,” replied Astroscope. With that he transformed into a missile launcher and attached himself onto the wrist of a slightly bemused Ultra Magnus. Payload nudged Skyblast, who jumped up into his shoulder laser position, and Payload transformed into a club and attached himself to Ultra Magnus’ other wrist.

“But wait, there’s more!” chirped Astroscope, who transformed again, this time merging with his two teammates to become a large gun which sat itself into the hand of a very surprised Ultra Magnus, who jumped back a little, dropping the gun to the floor with a thud.

Optimus Prime laughed, Springer smiled and the gun transformed into three Micromasters again.

“We’re still working on that bit,” said Astroscope, nursing his right shoulder.

“Very impressive, guys,” Optimus Prime was clearly pleased, even if the wrinkles had to be ironed out of the combinations, “I’m assuming Knock Out is somewhere in there?”

Ultra Magnus’ head and central chest detached and transformed loudly into the Micromaster Knock Out,

“Here I am, at your service. Well, at Ultra Magnus’ service, since I’m now housing his spark full-time,” Knock out transformed - again loudly - back into Ultra Magnus’ chest and head,

“It’s a new beginning, I guess. We’re full of energon and ready to go,” Ultra Magnus smiled.


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