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Aussie Toy List

Australian Transformers
By Darren Cilenti (dirge), 6 June 2009. v5.2.3
Robots In Disguise, Universe listings updated. Revenge of The Fallen listing added.

Note: This is NOT a complete listing of Australian-release Transformers. This is only where it differs from the North American releases. For a complete listing of the US releases,

As of version 5.0, I'm reorganising everything from Beast Wars onward by series rather than by year, since many years saw concurrent lines. I'm only going to mentioned US Store exclusives that were released here. If I don't mention them, we didn't get them. Thanks to the many Australian transfans who have contributed to this list.

Original Transformers (Generation 1)

1984 - 1987
Same as North America.

In New South Wales at least (and possibly some other states and territories), The sale of Megatron gun was illegal.

As far as I know, Shockwave & Sky Lynx weren't released here. Scorponok definitely was, and unlike Europe, we definitely got the Constructicons and Swoop. We got everything in US packaging, too. Also Fortress Maximus was _really_ rare.

We definitely did not get the Deluxe Insecticons in Australia. Thanks to Demonac for pointing out that I'd failed to mention this.

We didn't get the three Micromaster patrols or the combining cassettes.

We got the three Micromaster Patrols from the previous year as well as the regular 1989 line

Classic time! - We got the US releases and then some..

Note: Classics are not new versions of old toys, rather re-releases. There are, however, small differences. The classics were released in gold packaging. Also the spot on the moulds where the year & country of production have been blanked out.

  Jazz, Inferno, Ironhide, Prowl, Sunstreaker, Wheeljack
  Air Raid, Fireflight, Silverbolt, Skydive, Slingshot

In the case of the first six, the rub-signs which were on the originals were no longer there. As a side note, I have heard reports that Ironhide and Sunstreaker weren't released as Classics in the UK, but I've seen an ad on a UK comic advertising all six Classic Autobots so I'd say they did get them.

  Breakdown, Dead End, Drag Strip, Motormaster, Wildrider

The classic Stunticons had minor mould changes. The pins holding Breakdown's lower legs are different, Dead and has a small chip in his rear windscreen. I've yet to find the rest of the changes - and I've never even inspected a Classic Wildrider. I picked up a couple where my original toys weren't passing the test of time, But Wildrider & Dead End have lasted. The differences in Breakdown and Dead End aren't very spectacular. For completists of variations, I'd suggest only Breakdown.

In addition to the Classics themselves, around the same time we saw some G1 toys (in original packaging) appearing on our shelves, albeit in limited quantities:

  Ramjet, Starscream, Cyclonus, Scourge, Soundwave (& Buzzsaw), Blaster.

Generation 1 - "European" toys

Since the entire toyline had now dissappeared from the US, I'll go into more detail.


  Sandstorm, Springer
  Sideswipe, Tracks
  Grimlock, Sludge, Snarl
  Blades, First Aid, Groove, Hot Spot, Streetwise
  Chase, Freeway, Goldbug, Rollbar, Searchlight, Wideload
  Optimus Prime (his trailer had a different sticker running down it's side)

None of these had rub-signs. The indentations where the rub-signs were have been removed from the Classic Throttlebots.

  Circuit, Powerflash, Rumbler, Sideswipe, Tracks
  Omega Spreem (Actionmaster Elite), supposed to be Omega Supreme
  Windmill (Actionmaster Elite)

Motorvators (recolours of Japanese Brainmasters, without combining parts):
  Flame, Gripper, Lightspeed


  Astrotrain, Octane
  Blast Off, Brawl, Onslaught, Swindle, Vortex
None of these had rub-signs. The indentations were removed on the Combaticons. Classic Combaticons were very limited in their release for some reason (especially the four little guys). While the Protectobots were everywhere, I only ever saw the carded Combaticons on sale in one store.

  Bombshell, Charger, Slicer, Take-Off, Thundercracker
  Double-Punch (Actionmaster Elite)
  Turbomaster (Actionmaster Elite)
  Overlord, who was a japanese import in the gold packaging of the time.



Rescue Force:
  "Drillhorn" - yellow drill tank
  "Leozak" - white F-14 Tomcat
  "Keybison" - blue grapple tank
  "Jagura" - blue car
These guys didn't actually get names. They are recolours of japanese toys, and the names given are the names of the Japanese toys (BTW I have the Japanese set, they kick ass over the Rescue Force in terms of quality).

  Flash - red car
  Boss - blue car
  Hurricane - white car
  Scorch - yellow pick-up
  Rotorstorm - blue chopper
  Thunderclash - red/white/blue semi trailer
These guys are VERY cool. Thunderclash is the 'prototype' for Machine Wars Optimus Prime, Sandstorm is based on Rotorstorm.


  Snare - green jet
  Talon - red jet
  Skydive - purple jet
  Falcon - blue jet
  Stalker - Green/Pink Missile Transport
  Skyquake - Green Bomber
Skyquake was recoloured to become Machine Wars Starscream, While Stalker lives on as Machine Wars Soundwave.

No names, no specs. They were yellow and grey and were not sold with parts to form Devastator. They had dark purple parts, slightly darker than the original Constructicons, and markedly darker than the G2 Constructicons. Hook has the little metal tab that clips into Bonecrusher removed, Mixmaster's Missile launcher has been gutted & Scavenger has his metal tab on his chest removed. Long Haul has no grey, only the lack of a G2 stamp and the darker purple make him different from the yellow G2 release.



Note: these toys are identical to the US versions save for the colour of the plastic. The Axelorators have pink windows & eyes while the G2 cars have grey. Note that Zap=Windbreaker and Hotrider=Turbofire. Also, Europe didn't get the G2 cars, and N. America didn't get the Axelorators.

  Jetstorm - red rally car, Gobots' mold
  Speedstream - blue/white indy car, US Jetstorm's mold
  Deluge - green/blue porsche racer
  Aquafend - maroon dune buggy

  Deftwing - grey plane
  Ironfist - beige car

  Pyro - red armoured truck - Autobot leader


  Rage - black car
  Hydradread - blue car
  Drench - olive green car
  Aquablast - red car
Note: 4 more water-shooting guys whose moulds never hit the US. Which is a shame, because these guys were generally better than the US ones.

  Clench - black truck - Decepticon Leader

  Calcar - pink car
  Fearswoop - yellow & grey F-18 jet

Generation 2
1993, Continued

G2 Optimus Prime (In US packaging) - Autobot Leader

G2 Cars:
  Rapido, Skram, Turbofire, Windbreaker

Heroics: (In US packaging)
  Jazz, Inferno, Sideswipe

G2 Dinobots:
  Grimlock (blue), Slag (green), Snarl (red)

G2 Minicars:
  Beachcomber, Bumblebee, Hubcap, Seaspray


  Hawk (Eagle Eye in the US)
  Tornado (Windrazor in the US)
  Snipe (Afterburner in the US)
Note: we also got the US versions of these. The only differences between the two releases was the locations of the G2 Decepticon logo.

  Megatron (green tank)



We got all US releases except for the Combat Heroes.


G2 Sparkabots:
  Sizzle (G1 Sizzle mold, clear green & blue)
  Blaze (G1 Fizzle mold, clear blue & green)
  Flamefeather (purple with clear yellow limbs)
  Sparkstalker (purple with clear pink limbs)
Note: Blaze & Sizzle have their cart-ard mixed around. The picture on Sizzle's card is of Blaze & the picture on Blaze's card is of Sizzle. This has caused a lot of confusion. Despite all four being called Sparkabots, the latter two are Decepticons. There is no G2 Cindersaur. Someone reported incorrectly that there was.


All US releases except Go-bots Megatron & Optimus Prime.


G2 Powermasters:
  Ironhide - beige car
  Meanstreak - blue dragster
  Bulletbike - grey m/bike w/ red sidecar
  Staxx - blue/gold truck
Note: the cards we got these in differed to the European ones. We got stats on ours (and a Rhode Island address for Hasbro). The first two are 'bots, the second two are 'cons. Yes, Ironhide is the old red van guy. These guys are basically G2's answer to the Throttlebots.

G2 Watches:
  G2 Megatron
  G2 Blast Off
Blast Off is exclusive to Australia. These are the only TF's that I've seen with an Australian address on the back of the card. Both had full specs and lights/sounds. No transformation. Megatron was available as a Woolworth's Exclusive in the UK I believe. Yes, I know these are technically merchandise, not actual Transformers, but I've included them since noone else got the Blast Off watch - hey we Aussies have to have _something_ unique!

Beast Wars
Original series

The early toys (first two waves) we received in European packaging, which doesn't look as nice as the US stuff (I know since I got most of my BW from the states), there are no specs, sadly.

  Armordillo, Rattrap, Razorbeast
  Iguanas, Insecticon, Snapper, Terrorsaur
  Optimus Primal & Megatron (two-pack)

  Cheetor, Dinobot, Rhinox, Wolfang
  Waspinator, Tarantulas

  Inferno, Scorponok

  Optimus Primal (Gorilla)
  Megatron (T-rex)

Hasbro later switched to US packaging, however since the US was ahead of Europe, we missed out on several toys:

  Air Razor, Claw Jaw
  Drill Bit, Lazorbeak, Razorclaw

  Bonecrusher, Cybershark, Grimlock, Tigatron
  Blackarachnia, Buzz Saw, Jetstorm, Manterror,



We received the full assortment.


We received the full assortment of both Transmetals and Transmetal IIs.

Fox Kids! Recolours

We received only Transmetal Rhinox and Rattrap, and did not get the Wal-Mart exclusive Rattrap often referred to as Transmetal Packrat.

We did receive the Video pack recolours of Airazor and Claw Jaw

Mutant Beasts

We received only Poison Bite and Razor Claw.

Machine Wars
We received the full assortment, at several stores (the line was a store exclusive in the USA).

Beast Machines

We missed quite a few toys, as the cartoon was only shown on limited cable TV, and the first wave of relatively poor toys was overshipped at high prices. The toys we missed:

  Battle Unicorn, Hammerstrike
  Cycle Drone, Tank Drone, Spy Spreak

  Beast Changer, Night Slash Cheetor
  Rapticon, Sonic Attack Jet, Strika, Terranotron, Tripredacus Agent

  Primal Prime

  Blast Punch Primal

Robots in Disguise
We missed out on the entire mega assortment, since the stores had been burned on the overpriced, underplugged, Beast Machines toys. So not only were Sky Byte and the villains three pack skipped, but also Rail Racer and the heroes three pack.

RiD toys that didn't make it to Australia:

  Spychangers Optimus Prime, Ultras Magnus, X-Brawn & Scourge
  Mirage GT, Nightcruz, Scavenger
  Midnight Express, Rapid Run, Railspike
  Air Attack Optimus (a leftover from BM)
  Sky Byte, Darkscream, Gaskunk, Slapper
  Megabolt Megatron (a leftover from BM)

We did receive Jhiaxus and Megabolt, Dreadwing and Smokejumper, along with the yellow Landfill Giftset and Camo Ruination Giftset as Target exclusives.

While we missed out on the four scaled down Spychangers, we did receive both clear Spychanger assortments.

Transformers: Armada
We got the entire line of Armada toys.

Hasbro Reissues - TRU Exclusives
  We skipped Powermaster Prime (ie God Ginrai), but received Sideswipe (who never made it to the US), otherwise this entire line was stocked by Toys R Us at ridiculously inflated prices (2-3 times US prices for the most part - only Hot Rod was reasonably priced). Astrotrain was found at both Toyworld and K-Mart chains, and at a much more reasonable price that most of TRU's prices.

Transformers: Universe
Distribution seemed to be hit and miss. We received:

  Defensor, Devastator, Rail Racer

  The G1 Spychangers
  The Spychanger 2 packs (Optimus Prime and Prowl - the Red Alert one, Ultra Magnus and Ironhide - the Trailbreaker one)

  The Cyberjet Pack (Air Raid & Windsheer)

  Desert Camo Ruination

  Autobot Ratchet, Blackarachnia, Fireflight (& Minicons), Inferno, Prowl, Sideburn, Silverbolt, Skydive , Swerve (& Roadhandler)
  Nemesis Stryka, Reptilion, Skywarp, Triceradon

  Depthcharge, King Atlas, Optimus Primal, Whirl (& Minicons)
  Stockade & Magna Stampede
  Tankor & Obsidian
  Razorclaw, Ramjet (Spring Value Pack)

We received:

  Dead End
  Optimus Prime (pick up truck)
  20th Anniversary Optimus Prime

All in good numbers (Meister was way overshipped at TRU and Hound at K-Mart), however the later toys were fairly scarce:

  Battle Ravage

Nemesis Prime and Rodimus were both released in one chain only - plentiful compared to their limited release in the USA

We received the entire Energon line save for Quickstrike and Omega Sentinel. Sixshot and Alpha Q were only sold online. The last four Combiner limbs (Blight, Blackout, Wideload and Bonecrusher) were quite scarce, with the construction vehicles seemingly rarer.


Australia received this entire line, even including the RiD Optimus Prime & Magnus pack.

Beast Wars 10th Anniversary

Australia has received all ten toys, although not the leader two-pack.


We received everything except for the Devastator pack.

6" Titaniums

Most of these figures except for the "exclusive" Menasor and Skywarp figures were released in Australia in some form, although distribution was erratic. TO date we have not received Prowl or Grimlock.

  WW Optimus Prime, GI Joe Megatron, RiD Optimus Prime, Rodimus Prime, WW Ultra Magnus, Soundwave/Laserbeak, Starscream & Sunstorm were available in stores and online

  Optimal Optimus, Scourge, Cheetor, G1 Ultra Magnus, The Fallen & WW Megatron were available online only

  Jetfire was available online and in _one_ retail store, Thundercracker was available at the same store - but not online! That's one store - not one chain...

2007 Movie Toys

The movie were released in numbers we haven't seen since Beast Wars. We have received all but the following:

  Desert Attack Blackout

  Desert Brawl

  Premium Blackout, Premium Optimus Prime


To date, we have not skipped any toys although we are a few weeks behind the USA.

Universe 2.0

To date, we have not skipped any toys although we are a few weeks behind the USA.

Revenge of The Fallen Toys

This line has begun to appear in stores as of June 2009.

Japanese Transformers
  While Australia has not traditionally received Takara stock, October 2004 saw the retail release in some independant toy stores of the Micron Legend toyline - the Japanese equivalent of Armada! Megatron, Starscream, Hot Rod (Hot Shot), Sandstorm (Cyclonus), Ironhide (Demolishor), Grap (Smokescreen), the Street Speed Team and Rally Team all appeared, with Grand Convoy (the larger Optimus Prime) and Shockwave (Tidal Wave) later appeared at some stores.

  Many of these same retailers also stocked Takara's Minibot keychains (Bumblebee and his buddies) and the reissue Micromaster sets SixTurbo, SixTrain and SixBuilder.

  The appearance of these toys is quite astounding considering that Takara don't have any operations in Australia. I suspect a wholesaler in East Asia somewhere offered excess stock at a good price to a local wholesaler, since the Micron Legend toys were cheaper than their Armada equivalents.

  Hasbro Australia imported Masterpiece Ultra Magnus as a Target exclusive during 2005, which is the first time Hasbro has directly imported Takara stock. Similarly in 2008 Target received the MP-04 version of Masterpiece Convoy (Optimus Prime) - the version with the trailer.

Well that's about it for now, if you have any comments or corrections, feel free to let me know.

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